Wanting some linux-info?

Well I have tried OpenSUSE, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, Fedora, Debian, (K)Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Except for the Debian and Debian-based distro's I have tried so far, there was problems that couldn't be solved, therefore I do and suggest the following:

Look for your needs.

Servers, firewalls, desktops, laptops etc. all might need different Linux distros. If you want advice, please send me an email.

Places that has rich info are, and also have a HCL (hardware compatibility list) and you can check there before buying.

I use programs like LibreOffice, Filezilla, Gnome Commander, Rawstudio, Gimp, VLC and others.

Wine can you the possibility to install and use programs that else is MS only, but there is almost always a Linux native program(s) that can do the same or equal things.

Are you tired of paying $$ to MS, I suggest you start installing your Linux distro of choice and joining the growing club :).

There are some help getting started.

Safety? If you are fed up with viruses, Trojan horses etc., forget about making MS secure, install the Linux distro of your choice and set up the firewall and off you go.

Server: My suggestion is Debian or Ubuntu server, they are very stable, secure and relatively easy to setup with the software needed for the task (usually webserver with MySQL, Apache and PHP :)

This is my 5 cents for now, there might be more another time :).

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